Mike Francesa is a confused old man


Mike Francesa decided that he needed to spend five minutes ranting, although in his defense he is old and senile and he may have forgot what he was talking about, how Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy took THREE days off for paternity leave. THREE DAYS. The rant which you can listen to here, http://deadspin.com/mike-francesa-wouldnt-shut-up-about-paternity-leave-to-1557150225/all, pretty much sums up two things that are wrong with American culture.

First, and it’s not exclusive to America, is that too much importance is placed on sports as if they are some life or death event. It’s a game and should be treated as such because while you the fan pull your hair out and sulk over a loss, the players making a million bucks care a whole lot less. On the long list of “Things that actually matter in this world”, sports doesn’t even rank. Even if it did rank somewhere there’s a 162 games in a baseball season so one or two would not matter unless it was the very end of the season. And Murphy plays for the Mets and their season typically ends in July.

Second is that there is almost no value placed on the role of the father in the birth of a child in this country. Sure, we don’t go through the physical pain of child birth but we still want to be a part of it. We want to see and hold our children as much as possible in those few days of life as we can. We should not have to apologize for it or be chastised for it. A father spends a 9 month journey with their wife and at the summit they’re just suppose to walk away?

Look at how we stack up to other nations in terms of paternity and maternity leave. Fucking Saudi Arabia with their oppression of women get more time then we do. Saudi fucking Arabia.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I think Mike Francesa is a fucking asshole. An asshole who works 5 hours a day. An asshole who does a job that any other asshole in a bar or office right now could do.  An asshole who thinks it’s okay to fall asleep in the middle of the work day.http://deadspin.com/5942619/watch-mike-francesa-doze-off-during-an-interview/all